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Reagents for the UPSTREAM sector

The term "Upstream" refers directly to the exploration and extraction of gas and oil, infield transportation, oil treating and other related activities (refining of hydrocarbons, etc.).

Oil production is one of the most extensive and fastest-growing industries in Russia. Whole chemical industry depends on that area. Therefore, it is important to innovate this direction, oil industry needs reagents for improving operational performance.

With the help of our experts, we offer selection of the necessary reagents to match your needs and process conditions

Drilling Additives

Lubricating and anti-seize additives for the drilling solutions of DIREX L801-812 series are used to improve the lubricating properties in order to reduce oil consumption for its processing and to increase the lifetime of the drilling equipment and to prevent distortions of the mud logging. The additives are used in the drilling of vertical, inclined and horizontal wells, as well as in the intensification of oil production technologies. The use of these additives increases the mechanical velocity of drilling, eliminates sticking of drill pipe and allows to abandon the use of oil as a lubricant.

Emulsifiers and demulsifiers

The composition of surfactants in organic solvents designed to achieve a highly efficient division of water and oil in the production of hydrocarbon products. They are designed for the processing (dehydration and desalination) of high-viscosity resinous oil, in gathering facilities and oil treatment plants. Provides deep dehydration in a wide range of temperatures.

Emulsifier NEFTEDAR E801 (DIREX E801) is used for the preparation of invert-emulsion drilling mud, for well kill operations and for increasing reservoir recovery rate.

Demulsifier NEFTEDAR D801 (DIREX DEMI801) is extremely efficient in a wide variety of production conditions and properties of water-cut products. Ensure low oil content in detachable water.

Water repellents

Are used to increase water repellency of a surface during the processing of the bottom-hole zones of injection and production wells, they also find application in the treatment of mud solutions and drilling muds during the initial drilling of productive strata. The products of our company, such as NEFTEDAR GF801 (DIREX HP801), contribute to increasing the intensification of oil from boreholes in heterogeneous strata, effectively removing bound water from the stratum and hydrophobization of pore surface.

Cleaning Agents

NEFTEDAR PAV N801 (DIREX NI801), a composite mixture of nonionic surface-active substance, solvent and water, NEFTEDAR PAV A801 (DIREXAI801), based on anionic surface-active substance, and NEFTEDAR PAV K801 (DIREX KI801) are widely used for additional oil washing of the reservoir and the destruction of persistent water-in-oil emulsions in the bottom-hole area. Are intended to be used in oil intensification processes for bottom-hole treatment of extractive and boosting wells, as well as an additive in stitched polymer compositions used to align the profiles of pressure wells and to reduce the water in the impact areas. The reagents have high detergent properties and are used individually and as part of acid compositions.

Corrosion inhibitors

The corrosion inhibitors allow delaying the destruction of the metal during the electrochemical process on the boundary with the environment. The corrosion inhibitors NEFTEDAR I801 (DIREX I801) effectively protect wellsites, pipelines of oil gathering systems from oxygen corrosion. High-efficiency oil-soluble/water-dispersible corrosion inhibitors to protect wells, piping of oil-gathering and water-supply systems. Provides good protection against oxygen corrosion in water conduits. Most effective in the processing of highly watered systems, especially with the predominance of laminar regime of flow.

Scale inhibitors

Almost for all industrial enterprises (oil production, energy suppliers, metallurgical, etc.) the problems of scaling formation in metal pipelines and on surfaces of other technological structures that contact water, as well as their natural corrosion, are highly relevant. The highly efficient and economic scale inhibitor NEFTEDAR IS801 (DIREX S801) is recommended for stabilization of the mineralized water and aquatic environments and for the effective protection of downhole and surface oil-field equipment from carbonate and calcium sulfate sediments. The reagent has high effectiveness in preventing salt deposits in environments with different levels of mineralization in dosages (15-30 g) per ton of produced water. The product has a low corrosion rate in relation to oil-field equipment and is technologically used for any known application methods in a wide range of temperatures from -500°С to 450°С.

Inhibitors of asphalt-resin-paraffin deposits (ARPD)

Oil extraction (as well as processing and transportation) can be complicated by the formation of asphalt-resin-paraffin deposits (ARPD), which accumulates on the inside of the pipeline, causing a gradual decline in the withdrawal of oil and often causing a breakdown in wells and pumping facilities. ARPD inhibitors of NEFTEDAR K801 series effectively compete with ARPD in the tubing. The reagents are a composite of surfactants in the solvent that provides inhibition and dispersion of paraffin-deposits in oilfield equipment. Does not contain compounds of heavy metals or other substances adversely affecting the catalysts used in the oil refining.


Highly effective bactericidal agent NEFTEDAR B801-803 (DIREX B801-803) is a liquid and completely soluble in water composition, based on aldehydes and other highly efficient agents. Operates quickly and effectively against a wide spectrum of bacteria, including anaerobic, such as sulfate-reducing bacteria, and aerobics, such as Pseudomonas. The agent is recommended for the treatment of formation water during oil production and used to destroy microorganisms that cause microbiological corrosion in the oil industry.


Antifoamer NEFTEDAR F802 (DIREX F802), based on polymethylsiloxane, has a wide range of applications and correspond to chemical inert and corrosion-resistant fluid with hydrophobic properties. Even small amounts of fluids effectively suppress foam in many processes (2-10 g/t).

Water purifier

NEFTEDAR VO801 is used to purify produced water from petroleum products in production and reservoir-pressure maintenance system. The dosage of water purifiers in quantities of 2-10 g/t allows obtaining water with low petroleum oil content (40 mg/l and below).

Hydrogen sulfide chemical scavenger

Bactericides-scavengers of hydrogen sulfide are designed to suppress the growth of sulfate-reducing bacteria, which cause microbiological corrosion of oil-field equipment, also can be used in oil gathering and processing, reservoir pressure maintenance systems.

Hydrogen sulfide scavengers and mercaptan scavengers NEFTEDAR PS801-802 (DIREX N801-802) are used to remove (neutralize) hydrogen sulfide and other sulfur compounds in oil, gas condensate, fuel oil, and clean distillate. The reagents do not have a negative impact on the oil production process and on the quality of the commercial oil; do not contain organochlorine compounds. The protective effect with the fluid dosage of 30 g/m3 is 60-70%.

Hydrate Growth Inhibitor

Hydrate Growth Inhibitor (hydrate removal) NEFTEDAR IG801 (DIREX H801) is a frost-resistant composition based on low molecular weight alcohols. Constant dosage prevents the formation (or removes already laid down) of the hydrate blockage in production, gathering, processing, and product transportation systems with high gas-oil ratio.


Depressors of NEFTEDAR DP801-804 (DIREX G801-804) series are complex mixtures of modified polymers, designed to reduce the flow point of petroleum products, the pour point of the fuel oil, high-paraffin crude oil, high pour point oil, also for viscosity reduction of oil during production and transportation by pipelines.

Oxygen scavengers

Oxygen scavengers are applied directly at process plants associated with a high risk of oxygen entering the produced water. Oxygen scavenger NEFTEDAR O801 (DIREX OX801) is used to bind dissolved oxygen in boiler feed water (deaeration) to ensure the anticorrosion properties of metal surfaces of the equipment. The use of the reagent allows preventing oxygen corrosion of steel, reducing the formation of sediments in pipelines of oil production and oil treating systems, and in injection systems.

Acid Compositions

DIREX AC is an acid compound based on hydrochloric acid and additives, which allows dissolving carbonaceous inclusions and that increases both the permeability of the manifold and the processing radius. Destroys persistent oil-water emulsions in the bottom-hole zone. The use of acid compound for processing bottom-hole formation zone reinforces its filtration characteristics and performance.