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Reagents for Water Treatment Facilities

CJSC Alphachemindustry offers comprehensive solutions in the areas of water treatment and water disposal of industrial effluents and sewage of housing and utilities. The company offers modern high-quality reagents to ensure safe and efficient water purification.

The availability of the research laboratory, cooperation with the country's leading institutes, as well as technological control by German and Italian partners, all this provides the potential to deal with any production task in the area of wastewater treatment. Our company has its own vehicles for the transportation of different products, including the 8th class of dangerous goods. The integrated engineering approach allows the delivery of reagents and required equipment "on a turn-key basis".

The selection of reagents and the optimization of existing schemes of wastewater treatment. Some companies often have non-standard wastewater treatment tasks, or used technologies were introduced decades ago and ran its course. In certain cases, water treatment has not been carried out, therefore it is necessary to choose the scheme of treatment facilities. Our company is ready to provide several solutions for these tasks and, in conjunction with the customer, choose the most cost-effective decision.

CJSC Alphachemindustry is a producer of chemical products, introducing the latest integrated solutions and products in this area. Our products have a solid niche in the Russian market and their effectiveness is confirmed by the confidence of our partners. The company's activities are based on the high-quality standards, we cooperate and do business with the leading institutes of the country.