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About Us

CJSC Alphachemindustry today is a dynamically developing scientific and production company that produces over 100 chemical reagents at two production sites, as well as ensures modern engineering of systems, where the reagents are used.

CJSC Alphachemindustry actively cooperates with leading research and development institutes, constantly developing and improving a line of the produced reagents.

CJSC Alphachemindustryis the versatile chemical company which produces both bulk chemistry (sodium hypochlorite, chloroparaffins, aluminum oxychloride, iron chloride, etc.) and specialized low-tonnage «smart chemistry» (scale and corrosion inhibitors of Direx-WT® series, oxygen absorbers of Eliminox® series, functional reagents of Direx®series, disinfectants and many others).

Moreover, our company renders a full range of services in selection and supply of reagents:

  • Consultations of technologists and engineers;
  • Providing samples;
  • Laboratory testing of reagents, engineer's/technician's visit;
  • Experimental and industrial tests;
  • Supply of reagents to the customer.

CJSC Alphachemindustry today is the completely self-sufficient company in the field of technology: our company tracks reagent life cycle from development in a laboratory to its industrial release.

Nevertheless, our company is always open to dialog to engage in certain innovations, technologies and the launch of new products, including the contract production scheme.

In addition to the production of chemical reagents, CJSC Alphachemindustry designs and manufactures treatment facilities, reagent storage, and metering systems, installation of receiving electrolysis hypochlorite, systems of thermal oil heating or heat removal from reactors (thermal oil boilers).

We will be glad to see you among our partners!