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Reagents for membranes

CJSC Alphachemindustry produces reagents to ensure reliable and uninterrupted water purification for treatment plants based on membrane technologies (ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, membrane degassing, electrodeionization, etc.)

The purification of water by membrane reverse osmosis technology is one of the fastest-growing areas of purification to date. In the process of exploitation, the surface of the membrane elements is inevitably contaminated in any way as the supply water is prepared. The sediment layer on membranes blocks its surface, creates an additional hydraulic resistance to the water flow and facilitates diffusion of dissolved components through the membrane. In addition, the membrane surface is becoming a good growth medium for microorganisms. Pathogenic microbes and viruses, which occurs in case of untimely cleaning of membranes, can get from water into permeate, resulting in a deterioration of the organoleptic properties of water, the unpleasant taste and the smell of filtrate. Reduction of selectivity and gradual decline in productivity are a result of membrane pollution with a variety of scales. To avoid it, there is a need in periodically cleaning of the surface from the pollution. The cleaning of the membrane surface is generally composed of:

  • chemical processing using reagents that dissolve sediments;
  • disinfection of biological pollution.

CJSC Alphachemindustry offers a complete list of the reagents required for efficient and safe cleaning of membrane filters:

  • scale inhibitors (antiscalants) for suppressing inorganic pollution and scale and for preventing the formation of mineral deposits;
  • biocides are used for disinfection, control of the growth and removal of bacteria, fungi, algae and other types of microorganisms;
  • corrosion inhibitors are used for ensuring the protection and safe cleaning of structural materials from downtime corrosion;
  • flush reagents are alkaline and acid concentrates for flushing membranes from various sediments;
  • chlorinating and dechlorinating agents are the disinfectants, added to prevent the biological blooming of membranes.

The work of CJSC Alphachemindustry is directed to achieve the best results while satisfying the needs of our customers with their minimum costs. This is ensured by:

  • good theoretical base and practical experience of our specialists;
  • large range of produced reagents;
  • individual approach to each company;
  • continuous maintenance and monitoring of our reagents in the customer's facilities;
  • use of modern equipment to monitor process parameters and automate reagent processing;
  • availability of our own modern production base;
  • providing with raw materials directly from the producer.