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Sewage treatment facilities

CJSC Alphachemindustry is responsible for design, construction, launching, and operation of drinking and industrial wastewater treatment plants and other water utilities. Our company relies on innovative technical solutions and in-house development during the design process of cleaning facilities.

CJSC Alphachemindustry uses advanced energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies for industrial and household wastewater treatment

There is a great demand for purification nowadays, therefore, it is necessary to identify the possibility and feasibility of industrial use of treated wastewater and sludge when choosing a wastewater treatment method of settlements and industrial enterprises.

Wastewater treatment technologies depend on the type of pollution that is divided into several categories:

  • stormwater or surface water replenished by precipitation and by recruitment from groundwater, contain mineral pollution, the nature of which depends on the residential and industrial infrastructure;
  • domestic wastewater – sewage which consists of contaminated water from showers, toilets, kitchens and other physiological and household wastes;
  • industrial wastewater, which is generated by various production and technological operations, by washing raw materials and finished products. Generally, the nature of the contamination is individual.

The main stages of purification are divided into mechanical, physicochemical and biological, the final stage is disinfection of the wastewater.

The design of wastewater treatment plants takes into account all types of drains, so the complex system of sewage treatment provides elimination of all types of pollution. The mechanical purification is done by filtering water through lattices for interception of large contamination of an organic and mineral origin, by entrapping small mineral impurities such as sand and slag with grit chambers and by the upholding of water in primary settling tanks for the deposition of dissolved impurities.

The following equipment is used for mechanical purification:

  • primary settling tank;
  • coarse filters;
  • flow-equalization basins;
  • trash rack;
  • grit chambers;
  • grease trap and oil catchers.

Mechanical treatment is applied as an independent method when clarified water can be used in production processes or lowered into reservoirs without their ecological disturbance. In other cases, mechanical treatment serves as the first and preliminary stage of wastewater treatment in order to prepare for further purification.

In the physicochemical treatment, the main active ingredients are flocculants and coagulants. CJSC Alphachemindustry offers a line of quality and modern coagulants of Wastefloc® series , developed for the treatment and discoloration of wastewater, as well as reagents of the Alumofloc, Ferrofloc and Difloc series, which are effective at physicochemical treatment and removal of phosphorus compounds.

The physicochemical treatment also uses additional processing technologies such as hyperfiltration, neutralization and ion exchange. This method provides an opportunity to dramatically intensify the mechanical treatment of waste water. The way of how the reagents work is based on their interaction with the impurities and the adhesion of colloid-resistant particles in the water for their subsequent removal.

Flocculants are effective and modern reagents for wastewater treatment. The use of new effective reagents, technological processes, and equipment can significantly increase productivity, improve the quality of industrial wastewater treatment while minimizing the use of production facilities.

Flocculation is used to clean water from solid particles, for condensation of water and to improve the performance of secondary detention basins.

Physicochemical treatment can be the final or the second stage of treatment before the biological one, depending on the required degree of purification.

Biological treatment is performed with microorganisms and protozoa, which promote oxidation or restoration of the organic substances. Being in the form of thin suspensions, colloids, these organic substances are a source of food for microorganisms, what leads to the treatment of wastewater from pollution. The method of biological treatment is most often used to purify drains of food processing plants, including meat-processing, fish-canning, alcohol, sugar, flour-grinding and etc.

Primary settling tanks, where the suspended organics are precipitated, are used for biological treatment. At the same time, another type of settling tanks is used, where the active silts are removed from the bottom. The purified wastewater after primary settling tanks is exposed to full biological treatment in aeration tanks. The aeration tanks are open concrete structures of rectangular shape. With increased requirements for purification, the biologically treated water is purified again. Sediments, which are formed at various stages of water treatment, go to sludge treatment complex.

Multilayer sand filters and contact flocculators are the most widely distributed as additional cleaning facilities. Biological purification allows removing more than 90% of organic pollution.

As a rule, disinfection is the last step in the treatment of wastewater. The Wasteflock disinfectants of XNUMX-XNUMX series are specially developed for the final stage of disinfecting water. Reagents effectively suppress the growth or destroy most species of bacteria that survive after biological, chemical or supplementary wastewater treatment. The products of Wasteflock series and other disinfectants can be viewed in a special section of our website.

Special systems and techniques are used to determine the purification method and to select a particular structure. The cost of the equipment and its installation has significant importance. Wastewater treatment facilities, the cost of which is determined by many factors, perform an important function in the field of ecological safety of a certain local object. For today, the main factors of price determination are installation dimensions, daily productivity, and water discharge. Technologies of CJSC Alphachemindustry provide the best solution for the customer in the price-quality ratio.

Specialists of our company provide support to customers on all issues that arise at all stages of the design and operation of the facilities, both to develop the concept and strategy for the development of the facility and to control construction and operation