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Reagents for boiler water treatment

In the technological processes of the boiler industry, thermal power station and housing services and utilities, the loss of steam, condensate and water is inevitable. In order to extend the boiler facility's life and to prevent emergencies, it is necessary to clean the water heaters regularly and to maintain its water chemistry conditions.

High concentrations of pollutants in water, such as dissolved iron and hydrochloric liquids, as well as the constant effects of high temperatures that catalyze the formation of the settling, are the cause of the scale on all internal surfaces.

If the limescale appears, the boiler loses the thermal conductivity, what results in a high electricity consumption and eventually the system will be out of order. It is necessary to clean off the limescale to prevent repair or replacement of the equipment.

CJSC Alphachemindustry conducts pilot testing and laboratory researches, consults on customer requests and offers a wide range of products designed to clean and protect against all types of pollution.