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Reagents CHIMEC

Chimec reagents to buy Moscow

Company CHIMEC (Italy) since 1971 it has been producing reagents for many fields - oil production and refining, water treatment and its purification from impurities, as well as fuel additives.

CHIMEC products can be bought in more than 65 countries, including Russia.

The company Alfakhimprom JSC together with the leading institutes of the country - Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov and the Russian Technical University named after DI. Mendeleev developed and successfully tested domestic analogues of imported CHIMEC reagents. For a preliminary selection of possible analogues of CHIMEC reagents, we suggest that you read the table

Reagent grade appointment Russian analogue
CHIMEC 1044 corrosion inhibitor


CHIMEC 1835 ammonium salt dispersant DIREX N722G

For more information on CHIMEC reagents and their use, please contact our technical specialists at +7 (495) 134-35-24 or by writing to the mail