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Import substitution

In order to reduce the dependence of Russian production sector, electric power industry, housing and utilities sector on imports and to reduce the share of imported goods and services in the country's trade turnover, CJSC Alphachemindustry introduces the latest import substitution solutions and products, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by the confidence of major Russian companies and strategic enterprises in Russia, as a part of the implementation of the State policy in the field of import and in accordance with the regulations of the Government Commission for import.

CJSC Alphachemindustry is one of the renowned Russian companies specializing in the production of chemical products at its own production and research sites in cooperation with the country's leading sectoral research institutes.

As a part of the import substitution, our company offers Russian analogues:

reagents for water treatment and purification: coagulants, flocculants, disinfectants, special reagents - analogues to Nalco, GE, Praestol, FLOPAM, Zetag, Bayrol

reagents for circulating water systems: inhibitors, absorbents, defoamers, biocides and dispersants - analogues to Stabrex, GE, PuroTech, Genesys

high- and low-temperature heat transfer fluids: synthetic, mineral, organic, silicon - analogues to Dow, Radco, Sasol, Shell, Solutia, BP Group

reagents for boiler-water treatment: biocides and algicides - analogues to PuroTech, Troy

reagents for reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration: flush solutions, antiscalants, reagents for the membrane preservation - washing solutions, antiscalants, reagents for membrane preservation - GE analogs, PuroTech, Ameroyal

The identity of our reagents has been proven by laboratory and industrial tests, also by independent research organizations while replacing the reagents at different enterprises.