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JSC "Alfaximprom" - participant of the International exhibition "Import substitution-2016"

CJSC Alphachemindustry is a participant of the International Exhibition "Import substitution-2016"

The International specialized exhibition "Import substitution", organized by the Government of the Russian Federation (No. 13-R of 15), with the assistance of other federal executive bodies and governmental organizations, was held in Moscow on 2016-479 September of 22.03.2016.

The exhibition "Import substitution" aims at demonstrating the development of Russian enterprises that are performing the task of substituting imported goods and services domestically, as well as expanding business contacts between domestic enterprises and providing assistance for their entry into the international market. The importance of the exhibition was mentioned by the President of the Government of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, in 2015.

CJSC Alphachemindustry, a permanent participant in the exhibition, this year presents a range of its own products:

  1. Termolan high-temperature synthetic heat transfer fluid is the only analogy in the Russian Federation of import heat transfer fluid, such as Dowtherm, Therminol, Xceltherm, Shell, Sasol and others.

Termolan heat transfer fluids completely cover the entire import oil and are used for heat transfer in all industries: oil refining; LNG production; oil production; organic synthesis; wood industry; production of polymers and plastics, etc.

  1. BIOM oil degraders inflicted on the adsorbent of natural origin. Are used for biological disposal of oil spills on land and water and leaves no waste. Analogous to import sorbents and oil dispersants, combining both functions.
  2. Direx reagents are used for corrective processing of the circulating water of industrial plants and for membrane technologies. The analogies of the Nalco and General Electric reagents.
  3. WasteFloc coagulants for wastewater treatment are unique and so far the only development of wastewater treatment in the Russian Federation, are the only analogies of Finnish reagents for the industry. At the same time, these are more efficient reagents than the traditional coagulants produced in the Russian Federation at this time.
  4. Neftedar reagents are used to intensify oil and gas production, construction and maintenance of wells. Analogues of import reagents commonly used by foreign oilfield service companies.
  5. Antiturbulence additive DirexFlow is an additive for oil pipelines that facilitates the transportation of petroleum. The Russian Federation is currently using import additives.

There also was presented a project of a complex for producing import substitutive general chemistry (bulk chemistry produced earlier in the USSR but not currently produced in the Russian Federation, and imported into Russia in large quantities today).

Detailed information about the exhibition: