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Reagents for the DOWNSTREAM sector

The Downstream sector includes the preparation and refining of oil and gas, distribution, storage and sale of petroleum products.

Oil refineries are set up to reprocess a certain type of crude oil (light or heavy), as well as to develop certain final petroleum products.

Produced oil has a variety of impurities, for example, water, salt, sand, soil, clay, associated gas, the presence of which makes it harder to transport through pipelines for further refining, it also increases the corrosion of the parts, disables fuel equipment and complicates the process of oil refining.

In order to ensure the high quality of fuel obtained by oil refining, it is necessary to get rid of impurities in the crude oil.

The following reagents are effectively used in the process of refining oil and gas:

Demulsifier Neftedar D801 (A1-A5 brands) designed to achieve a highly efficient separation of water-oil in production and refining of hydrocarbon products.

Corrosion inhibitors Neftedar I801 (A1-A3 brands) are used to protect wells, pipelines, oil and water-injection systems.

Asphaltene-resin-paraffin deposits (ARPD) inhibitors Neftedar K801 provide inhibition and dispersion of paraffin deposits in oil-field equipment.

Scale inhibitors Neftedar IS801 (A1-A5 brands) effectively protect deep and ground oil-field equipment from carbonate and calcium sulfate sediments.

Antiagglomerants (low-doses inhibitors) are used to prevent the formation of hydrate particles that block pipelines.

Depressors Neftedar DP801-804 are designed to reduce the temperature of pour point of fuel oil, high-paraffin crude and high pour point oil.

Antifoamer Neftedar F802 is used for the oil separation process and for gas purification.

Bactericides Neftedar B801-803 are used to destroy a wide range of microorganisms and bacteria.

Hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan scavengers Neftedar PS801-802 neutralize sulfur compounds.

Water purifier Neftedar VO801 is used for purification of produced water from petroleum products.

Amine scavengers remove amine/ammonia without the use of acid, converting these compounds into soluble imines.

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