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Dolphin® DEZ disinfectant based on stabilized sodium hypochlorite

BochkiPurpose: water disinfection; quickly and effectively destroys bacteria, viruses, and mushrooms; constrains the development of the organic particles causing a water turbidity.

Application: The disinfectant is dosed by an automatic station.

If there is no automatic station it is recommended to dissolve disinfectant in water in nonmetallic capacity, lowering the initial concentration and then adding the received solution to pool water in several places while the pump is running.

Product consumption: according to the level of residual free chlorine in pool water.

Recommended dosage: on 10 m3 of water (at manual dispensing):

— current processing: 30-90 ml 2-3 times a day according to indications of chlorine test kits.

— "shock" processing: 300 ml. Requires a technical break in work of the pool at least 12 hours with continuous filtration. Then the filter is thoroughly rinsed and the water is dechlorinated to a permissible level of residual free chlorine.

Important recommendations: A condition of the most effective processing of water is the constant maintenance of:

- the pH of water within 7,0-7,4 by DOLPHIN pH-minus (decrease) and DOLPHIN pH-plus (increase). Measured with pH-meter.

- the level of residual free chlorine within 0,3-0,5 mg/L. Measured with chlorine tester.

Precautionary measures: Attention! Use the means of hand protection (rubber gloves), respiratory organs (mask or respirator) and eye protection (glasses) when working with the product.

Keep out of the reach of children; do not ingest; do not mix with other chemicals; in case of eye or skin contact rinse thoroughly, see a doctor.

Composition: sodium hypochlorite (content of active chlorine at least 130 g/l), water, stabilizer.

The warranty period of storage: six months from the date of manufacture. After the warranty period has expired, it is allowed to use the product taking into account the reduced concentration of the active chlorine.

Storage conditions: in the ventilated room in the original hermetically sealed package at a temperature from -XNUMX to + XNUMX°C; avoid contact with other chemicals; protect from heating and direct sunlight. Avoid contact with other chemicals; Protect from heat and direct sunlight.