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BIOM Biological preparations

Biological preparations of the BIOM series are a line of preparations for biological processing of contaminated soils and reservoirs. Oil destructors are used for the liquidation of oil products and other hydrocarbon contaminants of soil, reservoirs, enterprises and of their territories for the purpose of restoration of soil fertility and water facilities purification.

BIOM biological preparations include the following preparations, depending on the scope of application:

BIOM is the oil destructor, is used to clarify reservoirs and capacities of treatment facilities, industrial enterprises, wastewater, and soils. The use of the biological preparations is an effective and ecologically friendly way of biological cleaning of the contaminated soils and other objects since it doesn't break activity of a useful microbiota of the oil-polluted substratum. Biological preparation BIOM increases the biodegradation processes of oil products, which positively affect the speed and efficiency of the purification process.

BIOM is recommended to be applied to the processing of oil slimes at the content of oil products is up to 25%, in the soil up to 10-15% (without excavation), on the water surface up to 5-8%. The application of the biological preparations BIOM for purification of industrial wastewater at the stage of biological cleaning needs the calculation of the individual program according to characteristics of the flow and the device of the treatment facilities.

BIOM-S is a biological preparation based on metabolites of strains of the soil microorganisms, which are immobilized on the mineral carrier in the form of paste and a salt component. It is applied as the mineral organic fertilizer for crops, ensuring accelerated growth and development of the cultivated plants.

The biological preparation has fungicide, antidotal and growth stimulation properties for acceleration of plant development, as well as protection against the negative impact of pesticides and external factors (pests, diseases, fluctuations of temperature).

It is used everywhere for the flower induction and the extension of its duration to window plants, ornamental and vegetable crops, replacing additional stimulants, fungicides, and fertilizers.

The biological preparation provides the restoration of soil balance in a natural way and incorporates all range of the substances necessary for the full growth and development of plants and for improvement of fertility of soils.

The main advantages of using:

  • intensifies photosynthesis, processes of growth and development of plants;
  • increases resistance of plants to pests, diseases, fluctuations of temperature;
  • exempts the soil from biological and chemical toxicant;
  • eliminates the negative impact of pesticides;
  • is safe organic fertilizer for the cultivation of environmentally friendly production.

The biological preparation can be used as an antidote in conjunction with herbicides, insecticides and mineral fertilizers. Product consumption: 5-15 ml per liter of water, which is economically advantageous. The biological preparation is allowed to be applied in a sanitary zone of fishery reservoirs. Hazard Class: 1 (Low-risk substance).

BIOM-V is intended for the biological purification of reservoirs and water areas from pollution, silt and oil products and for rehabilitation of open and closed reservoirs.

The biological preparation can be used independently and in the complex of environmental protection measures. All organisms living in water are involved in the process of wastewater purification. BIOM-V is nontoxic and harmless to humans, animals, and plants.

The use of a biological preparation BIOM-V allows you to quickly and effectively purify and disinfect contaminated water by removing pathogenic microorganisms in any aquatic environment. In a short time after using the biological preparation, the algal bloom is rapidly decreasing, transparency increases and temperature regime of the reservoir is becoming normalized. The product is not a pollutant for the soil, water, and air.

BIOM-T is a biological preparation based on a natural organic peat sorbent, used for elimination of accidental oil spills and as an industrial absorber and agent of bioremediation and reclamation of the soil. The elimination of oil pollution is an economically expensive and labor-consuming part of oil and recycling companies, while BIOM-T is very economical, efficient and cannot be leached while removing soil contamination and eliminating oil spills in the aquatic environment.

The biological preparation can be used for cleaning of reservoirs, industrial effluents, soils, oil-contaminated tanks, at the enterprises of oil and oil refining industries, their territories, at gas stations, airports, railways, etc. The use of this biological preparation for cleaning the contaminated objects is the efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly method that does not require special equipment.

BIOM-P is a mineral biological preparation characterized by the rich chemical composition with complex prolonged action. The increased pollution of the top earth's layer is the reason of unfitness for cultivation and planting crops, as well as city lawns, parks, gardens, causing the necessity in restoration and rehabilitation of the soil.

The biological preparation BIOM-P is effectively used for the reclamation of urban and agricultural lands in order to significantly reduce the cost of replacing the topsoil. When used as mineral fertilizer, BIOM-P has a positive influence on the composition and structure of the soil, sorbing heavy metals, oil products, pesticides and fostering healthy plant growth. The biological preparation has a positive impact on structurization of the soil, and for many years improving fertility, regulating the nutrition and water-salt soil regime, increasing the harvest of vegetables and grains.

BIOM-P improves the environmental condition of urban areas by preventing pesticides and toxins from entering wastewater, ensures environmental purity of the soil, surface and sewage water, and economy of planting materials.

The biological preparation of BIOM-P series finds application in livestock production, poultry farming, and fish breeding as a feed additive thereby has an impact on the improvement of the exchange processes and the ability to increase the digestibility and the comprehensibility of a forage. On addition of the biological preparation to a forage of animals and birds, it is noticed that the concentration of toxins, ammonia and other toxic elements, which are formed at digestion in organisms of animals is decreased.